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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  October 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and part of my job over the next year is to make sure that, if they're not seeing it out of congress, at minimum they're seeing out of their president somebody is going to be fighting for them. >> this is mr. obama's fourth appearance on the late night talk show and his second appearance as president. >> today the president plans to use his executive powers to try to ease the growing burden of student loan debt. it comes at a time when college tuition is reaching an all-time high. a new report at this morning by the college board shows that the average instate tuition at a public university rose $631 this fall, up more than 8% compared with a year ago. add in room and board, and the average yearly cost out of state tops more than $17,000. the president's executive order will attempt to reduce payments for those already paying off their outstanding school debt, which now is more than $1 trillion nationwide. >> today the front-runner for the gop in decision 2012 will
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visit northern virginia. massachusetts governor mitt romney will tour the fairfax county republican headquarters today with governor bob mcdonnell and lieutenant governor. mcdonnell says this is not an endorsement of romney, and the governor will not likely take sides until after virginia's legislative elections next month. mcdonnell appeared last month at a luncheon with texas governor rick perry. lieutenant governor is the chairman of romney's campaign in virginia, though. >> let's have a look at the weather. the autumn party is coming to an end. even though there's smiles on the pumpkins, it's coming to an end. we'll have cooler weather. good morning. right now the temperatures not as chilly as yesterday morning. generally low and mid-50s in washington and the nearby suburbs. parts of virginia have dipped down into the 40s, and it's near 40 in western maryland and much of west virginia, and it's in
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the upper 50s right near the chesapeake bay. over the last 12 hours, we've had the cloud cover increasing last night. it is mostly cloudy right now. just some thin clouds coming over. you can see a little bit of star shine coming through. as the morning progresses, we'll have a little sun this morning. sunrise at 7:28. we ought to be around 60 by 9:00. then by noontime, cloudy. mid-60s. we'll hold steady briefly. late afternoon, there is a possibility of a few sprinkles. a small chance, about a 30% chance of a few sprinkles by late afternoon. that may continue into this evening. a look at your evening planner coming up at 4:41. danella, good morning. how's traffic. >> good morning. it is a good start so far. not seeing any problems in our area. let's take a live look at some of our area's bridges, starting with the woodrow wilson bridge. in both directions across the woodrow wilson bridge, not seeing any problems. as you loop around to the american legion bridge, your
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lanes are open. it's a smooth commute. this is the 14th street bridge. no problems as you make your way across and head into the city. no delays or accidents to report. and the key bridge nice and quiet. one lone car waits for the light to change. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> 4:33 now. right now at this early hour, search crews are scouring rough terrain just north of richmond looking for a 9-year-old autistic boy. he was last seen at north anna battlefield park on sunday. the sheriff's office says he wandered away while on a walk with his family. since his disappearance, some 900 authorities have joined in the search. it includes deputies, firefighters, canines, and even national guard troops. wood cannot speak, making the search even more difficult. >> you feel hopeless almost, like the head was down the whole walk back. >> every night i just think of how lonely he must be, scared, cold, hungry, thirsty.
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>> the hanover county sheriff's office has invited volunteers to help again in the search. they're gathering at anna battlefield park again at 9:00. opening statements in the lululemon trial should start when jury selection wraps up this morning. the prosecution wanted to use seven pictures, but the judge said several of those images are too inflammatory. brittany norwood is accused of killing her coworker jayna murray back in march. norwood lied by telling police two men had attacked the both of them. a judge rules that a woman accused of randomly stabbing a shopper outside a target store in maryland is competent to stand trial. antoinette sparks stabbed a woman in the arm and shoulder outside a lanham target early in the morning. police say she was involved in a
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similar incident before. she stabbed two people at a nordstrom at a montgomery mall in 2005. a virginia community is mourning the loss of a sunday school teacher found dead in a creek in upstate new york. 49-year-old linda chuplik had gone to elmira heights, new york, to help her father in law recovering from an automobile accident. her body was found sunday afternoon in a creek behind crime scene tape. police aren't saying whether the death was suspicious or who found her body. police we spoke with at st. mary's orthodox church in falls church say they want to know what happened to the woman they loved and appreciated. >> i think everyone in this whole church would feel the same way. we're absolutely shocked and saddened at this tragedy. >> elmira heights police say they're waiting for aub results from the coroner. they told residents the public
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is not in danger, and this believed to be an isolated incident. it's now been three days since a 7.2 magnitude quake hit turkey, but people are still being pulled from the rubble alive. overnight, an 18-year-old university student was rescued from the remains of a crumbled apartment building. just about an hour ago, a 27-year-old school teacher was found after spending 67 hours trapped. 40 people were rescued alive yesterday. unfortunaty, however, many rescues have now turned to recovery efforts. at least 459 people are now confirmed dead and more than 1,300 people are injured. meanwhile, a huge aftershock sparked a riot in a prison in van, turkey, overnight. a soldier said the prisoners attacked guards with scissors and knives apparently because they were afraid they'd be crushed in their cells. guards granted the prisoners a transfer to other prisons in order to quell the riot. on sunday 200 prisoners escaped after the quake brought down a
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perimeter wall, but about 50 returned after checking on loved ones. andy rooney, the longtime cbs correspondent, is in the hospital this morning. rooney apparently developed serious complications following minor surgery last week. his condition is described as stable this morning. his family would not elaborate on his medical problem or where he's hospitalized. rooney, who is 92 years old, retired as a regular "60 minutes" commentator just a few weeks ago. stephen tyler of aero-smith is recovering from a nasty fall this morning that knocked out two of his teeth. tyler was in paraguay, when he says he fell in a hotel bathroom while taking a shower. the singer said he fell because he was weak from food poisoning. this morning former north carolina senator john edwards will be in court trying to get the charges against him dropped. edwards is charged with using $1 million in under the table campaign payments from his supporters to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 presidential run.
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he's also charged with helping falsify campaign finance reports. defense attorneys say the charges are based on incoherent legal theorys that would turn the entire u.s. campaign finance system upside down if validated by a court. edwards has pleaded not guilty to the charges. the redskins are already pretty banged up. now they will be without one of their most popular play makers. titan chris cooley has been placed on injured reserve, meaning he is done for the year. cooley, who broke his hand against the eagles and is having knee issues. he played 80 games before he game to the redskins. running back tim hightower is also done for the year after tearing his acl on sunday. >> cooley gets surgery on the knee after last season, and it was supposedly repaired, but it was troubling him during training camp and apparently still giving him big problems.
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>> he's a fan favorite too. it's going to be tough. ahead on "news 4 today," the new theory from the defense in the conrad murray trial.
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weather and traffic on the ones, good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now at 4:41. we've got quite a bit of cloudiness and a chill in the air in the 40s and low and mid-50s through most of the region. western maryland, most of west virginia, just near 40 degrees. right now at reagan national, 55. it's in the low 50s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. we have this cloud cover coming in as we have a weak front that will be arriving here by later this afternoon. as it does move in, we'll have an increased chance of maybe a passing shower. before then, though, a little bit of sunshine this morning. sunrise at 7:28. by noontime, low to mid-60s. maybe mid to upper-on-s 60s by afternoon. we have a small chance of a few sprinkles. otherwise, cloudy. upper 50s by midnight. big changes on the way into the week and weekend. a look at that in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic?
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>> good morning. let's take the commute on 66. checking it for you, a live camera starting outside the beltway at sully road. not seeing any problems. no major congestion at all. as you're traveling 66 heading east inside of the beltway, you're clear in both directions. if you continue east inside the rosslyn tunnel, not seeing any problems for you there at all. shooting over to 270 at the spur, you're clear as well. back to you both. >> thank you very much, danella. 4:43 now. 55 degrees. still to come, the problem that has turned a nearby college has turned a nearby college campus into a ghost town.
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in the district. this one is florida avenue on northwest washington near "u" street. news 4's tracee wilkins is live at the scene. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: if you look behind me, you can see officers are still on the scene. this latest armed robbery reported just a little while ago, just after 4:00 a.m. we're at the 900 block of florida avenue at this crown station. the good news is the owner of the station ran into the bathroom as soon as he saw the robbers come in with the guns. he is safe. he doesn't know at this time if they were able to take anything out of the store. he doesn't believe that they were. this is becoming an alarming trend. we saw three armed robberies in the district yesterday. we saw at least one on monday. over the weekend, during the afternoon, a large number of robberies, some of them armed, some of them snatch and grab robberies where folks had things like cell phones and ipads taken from them. some people walking down the street had personal items snatched. we've seen a lot of these
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robbers making their way down the street on bikes. some of them running away. then another instance, there was one burglary that was reported during howard's homecoming weekend. a houseful of students were also burglarized, made away with ids, money, cell phones, and an ipad in that robbery. so it does appear to be a disturbing trend. d.c. police are saying at this point they're not ready to call it that officially until they see more of what has been going on happening. of course, here another robbery at a gas station happening just a few moments ago. police are wrapping up their investigation here. tracee wilkins live in northwest. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thanks very much. today a virginia judge will decide whether to release the medical records of a university of virginia women's lacrosse player who, police say, was killed by her ex-boyfriend. george hewgley is accused of slamming yardley love's head against her apartment wall in may of 2010.
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authorities say she died of trauma to her head. but hewgley's attorneys say love's medical records will show she may have died from an irregular heartbeat caused by taking a prescription drug and drinking alcohol. hewgley's trial is scheduled to begin in february. the defense in the manslaughter case against michael jackson's doctor is now presenting a new timeline to the case. lawyers for dr. conrad murray say the pop star was desperate for sleep medication so he could rest for his upcoming concert tour. he got home from rehearsal around 1:00 a.m. when he died. he took a valium, eight pills of the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam and never told his personal physician. dr. murray issued his own dose of lorazepam to jackson along with the powerful anesthetic propofol. >> the defense is presenting its theory of the case, and all they have to do is show it's at least as reasonable as the
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prosecution's theory, and then under the law, the jury has to acquit. >> jackson's personal assistant said the pop star had been regularly visiting his dermatologist, who may have also been giving jackson medication. peta is suing sea world, saying the park is treating whales like slaves. people for the ethical treatment of animals today plans to file a lawsuit in the federal court claiming that sea world is violating the 13th amendment of the constitution by committing savory keeping the killer whales at its theme parks. herndon police are looking for more possible victims after they arrested a man that sexually assaulted at least two women while posing as a police officer. they say he attacked a 17-year-old girl two weeks ago before targeting another woman just four hours later at a herndon shopping center. plus some college students in maryland are being forced to
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live off campus after mold was found in their dormitories. st. mary's college of maryland says they discovered mold in two residence halls. they were forced to move out on friday so crews can clean the buildings. at least 200 students were put up in hotels and are being bussed to classes. they will soon be moved to a cruise ship on the nearby st. mary's river just to be closer to school. families who lost their backyards and could lose their homes to a sinkhole in stafford, virginia, are getting help from their community. ruby tuesday's in stafford is giving 20% of its proceed tonight and tomorrow night for a special relief fund. the sinkhole began in early september after tropical storm lee. the ruby tuesdays is located in the 2800 block of jefferson davis highway, or route 1. members of the nba players union are supposed to sit down again today to try to put an end
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to the lockout. talks with the federal mediator broke down over how to split the revenue. the league has already cancelled the first 16 weeks and is expected to cancel more soon if an agreement is not reached. this time sit's west virgina on the move in college football. the big 12 has accepted them into their conference once missouri moves to the s.e.c. as expected. west virginia would be the latest school to jump from the big east, leaving the struggling conference with just five football schools. syracuse and pittsburgh announced they are leaving the league for the acc this month. >> hard to keep track of all this movement. >> exactly. >> tom is here now. let's see what the weather is going to be like. another nice day, tom? >> not as nice as yesterday. can't top that. we got into the upper 60s around 70 yesterday afternoon. since then, the clouds have rolled back in. here's a live picture from the city camera showing the
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jefferson memorial. don't have any fog around this morning like we did yesterday morning. temperature at reagan national is 55. it's mostly cloudy now. we've got a light southerly breeze, and the humidity is just moderate. and temperatures not as chilly as they were yesterday morning although it has dipped down into the mid-40s across parts of northern virginia. much of maryland in the 50s. mid-50s in washington. low 50s montgomery, prince george's, as well as arlington and fairfax. farther west, though, it's only near 40 out of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. we had these clouds cruising in ahead of a front, a weak front, that's going to be coming in later today. during the afternoon, we have a small chance of a sprinkle as we go forward here over the next 24 hours. these areas of green are areas of potential, perhaps a few passing sprinkles this afternoon. then a greater chance of rain moving in. later this evening we may get passing showers and a likelihood during the day on thursday. so for this wednesday we'll have maybe a little sun this morning, sunrise 7:28. we'll be in the 60s this afternoon. just a small chance of a passing
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sprinkle late afternoon and into the evening hours. we'll be down into the upper 50s by midnight. then during the day tomorrow expect occasional showers and temperatures in the 60s. clearing out and cold on friday morning, the mid-30s. friday partly cloudy, only into the 50s. looks like a chilly, cold rain on saturday. can't even rule out a few wet snowflakes in the higher ridges on saturday. sunday sunny, into the mid-50s, still quite chilly as we get into the first part of next week. danella, good morning. how's the wednesday commute? >> good morning. still a good commute for you. checking travel times around the beltway. let's start in prince george's county. inner loop here about 62 miles an hour. looping around to the beltway in montgomery county. outer loop traveling at 50 miles per hour. as we head to virginia, here's a live look at robinson terminal. not seeing any problems on the inner loop or outer loop of the beltway in virginia. both are clear. now back to you both. >> danella, thanks very much.
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it's looking more and more likely that maryland will raise the state's gasoline tax when the general assembly meets next year. the transportation commission recommends raising the tax 5 cents over the next three years, ultimately pushing it from 23.5 cents to 28.5 cents a gallon. the commission says the increase would raise nearly $500 million for each year of the tax increases. the commission also suggested raising vehicle registration fees by 50% and doubling the fee for emissions inspections. the gasoline tax has not been increased since 1992. 4:54. 55 degrees. coming up, higher taxes n the only thing to worry about at the pump. the story that might inspire you to wear gloves the next time you fill up. >> speaking of swearing gloves, attorneys in a trial about dog droppings channel johnny
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4:57 now. broken escalators on metro nothing new, but a big outage in the middle of rush hour may have been the last straw. at 6:26 last night, two of the three escalators at the bethesda metro station went down, forcing commuters to climb the more than
4:58 am
450 feet straight up. metro immediately conveneded a meeting in bethesda. they told metro officials they can't wait much longer for a fix. >> we don't care if you said earlier why it's out, it's out. >> we don't want metro to be insane. so doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insanity. >> i think that's an albert einstein quote. metro says there are no quick and easy fixes. they estimate it will take three years to get new escalators at the station and six years for a high speed elevator. a man held up a bank wearing a halloween mask. it happened yesterday morning at the main street bank in mclean at the 6300 block of old dominion drive. police say the suspect walked into the bank just after 10:00. he implied he had a gun and took an undisclosed amount of cash from the teller. no one was injured in the robbery. a fairfax county woman was
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cleared in a trial about dog po poop. that's right. kim's neighbors at the p penderbrook apartment complex claim she didn't clean up after the dog she walked. neighbors took pictures of what they claim was unscooped poop. they gave the court pictures. she told the court her little dog could not have produced the poop in question. >> looks like a horse's poop. there's no way that came out of my dog. it was very straightforward to me. >> it was just another charge against me, another call the police on me to try to cause harm to me and my family. it was a waste of the court system's time. >> wow, this wasn't the first time her neighbors have made these accusations against her. in 2009, they claim she ran them down with her car. she was acquitted of those charges as well. she doesn't have many friends in her neighborhood, does


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